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Rewilding Britain, jar by delicious jar.

Welcome to a wonderful new world of local British honey. We’re the next generation of conservationist honeylovers ready to do as much good as possible. So let’s go replant. Let’s get flowered up. And let’s save some bees.

For every jar you buy, we rewild 100 wildflowers ❋

Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋

Inspire people to fall back in love with nature, rewild Britain and ensure the survival of bees, insects and wildlife using honey as a vehicle for change!

Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋ Our Mission ❋

For each jar you buy we rewild 100 wildflowers!

That means the jar on your breakfast table is really a new plot of forget me nots and honey suckles flowering in the real world. That’s wild flower power right there.

Rewilding bee lines up and down the countryside with our charity partner Buglife.

Why it’s important:


of the UK’s Bee Population have disappeared over the past decade


of the UK’s wildflower meadows
have been lost since the 1930’s

Honey bees are responsible for
a third of the food we eat

Great British Local Honey

The majority of super market honey is imported from Asia and blended in the EU (look at the back of pack), making it cheaper but massively increasing the air miles to get to your table.

Ours by comparison is sourced from the local fields of Holt Hall Apiary. Our bees forage on natural local flowers so every jar tastes slightly different, as it should.

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